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The Holographic Rainbow: From the Heart

“Transformation is through awareness, not analysis.” 1 Master Charles Cannon   In a break from the delineation of the seven chakras, now is a good time to expand on the open heart chakra. The previous blog was an attempt at quieting the mind-field with information that could satisfy the mind’s goal of thinking it can […]

The Holographic Rainbow … Part 4 – The 4th Heart Chakra Vortex

“The yearning for wholeness and freedom that all of us feel reflects our individuated consciousness longing for greater interaction with universal consciousness…   The Heart-field plays the role of gateway to universal consciousness.” 1  Master Charles Cannon Since consciousness is the substratum of the universe (all universes, imagined and real), the densification into polar opposites is […]

THE HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOW, Part 3 … The Solar Plexus Chakra Vortex

The third chakra vortex (our solar plexus) is all about identity and power in one’s environment. The first chakra vortex provided the group environment of survival and cultural conditioning. The second chakra vortex started pulling away from safety in order to begin establishing one’s own identity … into a plethora of relationships which mirror back […]

THE HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOW … Clearing Chakra Energy Vortexes through the Synchronicity Socratic Process

  This is the first in a series of blogs taking a detailed look at the seven chakra energy vortexes, the conduits of subtle frequencies throughout our body’s energy field. As you may recall from previous posts, all manifestation is borne from the one source consciousness. The one energy densifies to create the virtual-reality movies […]


In the last blog, we delineated how the three dimensions of the “Lower Self” impact our experiences in our lives. That is, the pattern in those dimensions attracts electro-magnetic reflections (people) that show up in our world … requiring us to “source them”, i.e., see them as part of the One Source Consciousness. So, how […]

EXPERIENCING JOY IN THE NEW YEAR? ….. If not, change your holographic reflection!

If we aren’t experiencing joy, we haven’t let go yet … let go of trying to create it ourselves, our self with a little “s”. You’ve likely heard that before, but probably not in the language of holographic mirrors and “frequencies.” All our perceptions (positive or negative) are only multi-layered reflections … ad infinitum … […]