In the last blog, we delineated how the three dimensions of the “Lower Self” impact our experiences in our lives. That is, the pattern in those dimensions attracts electro-magnetic reflections (people) that show up in our world … requiring us to “source them”, i.e., see them as part of the One Source Consciousness.

So, how much attention should we pay to these reflections? If we take on their energy, we are in a bigger mess — if we just blindly (unconsciously) let it impact our sense of self-worth. You know that reaction … it’s when your heart feels it and the pain makes you forget your innate magnificence.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can still learn from our reflections as intended by the One Source Consciousness but not forget who we are or contract ourselves energetically.

We can do this if we focus on and maintain the energy of the reflection by our “Higher Self”, that is, the conscious dimensions of ourselves that don’t “take on” (“identify with”) the denser vibrations of the Lower Self.


Master Charles Cannon (a master spiritual teacher) has explained this in many ways, many times, usually putting it in the context of “love”, the conscious energy of the heart, the gateway to the Higher Self.  Focusing on the positive, the love energy, is the quickest way to learn the lesson in a way that increases our awareness rather than shutting down the heart to avoid pain.

This is merely a situation of identification, choosing to identify with the positive, uplifting energy instead of the negative, “downer” energy.  Our  creation game of polarities always includes the winning side (the positive polarity) in every interaction, every part of the game. Sometimes we just have to look for it beyond the knee-jerk reaction of the default negative. That begins with the conscious intention to do so.

Here’s a good story to illustrate the point: “The Cherokee story of the “Two Wolves. It is a story of a grandfather using a metaphor of two wolves fighting within him to explain his inner conflicts to his grandson. When his grandson asks which wolf wins, the grandfather answers whichever he chooses to feed.” 1

 BOTTOM LINE:  “Trust and Watch”, as Master Charles often advises. We choose the positive in trusting our reflections to be a valuable gift, an opportunity for transforming old beliefs and energies which block awareness and happiness. And we watch it as just data, without any heart contraction, guilt, or lowered sense of self-worth. And, if we aren’t always able to do it immediately, we forgive ourselves and make a note to watch it closer the next time and catch the reaction earlier without blame, guilt or deflated sense of self-worth. (Those beliefs and emotions just keep enabling the lower dimensions to maintain density, creating conflict to keep an illusory sense of power going. That’s no fun!)

“Lower Self”, “Higher Self” … they are just polarities of our own individuated expression of the One on the illusory game board … increasing our awareness, fulfillment and bliss through the ecstatic play of the One Source Consciousness.


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  1. Phyl Graham
    Phyl Graham says:

    What a message? How did Consciousness know this is just what I am dealing with right NOW. Just the advise I needed and just when I am ready to apply it


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