The Modern Spirituality Video Series Course 4

The Holistic Lifestyle

Modern Spirituality—The Holistic Lifestyle

This 2-class course will inspire you in navigating the treacherous waters of your evolutionary journey, which require a thorough understanding of the Holistic Lifestyle.  In the material presented, you will gain the necessary skill to master this important stage in your spiritual growth. The course is available in a downloadable 2-Class format.

Class 1 develops the illusory data created in the Involutionary Cycle of your individuated consciousness and watches it move with you into your Evolutionary Cycle upon awakening.  It explains why the post-awakening phase of the Evolutionary Cycle of human experience is so challenging. It is based  on extreme imbalance to the life-negative polarity. And, it introduces the process of balance—emphasis of the non-dominant life-affirmative polarity over the fear-based, life-negative polarity. Class 1 explains why this is necessary.

Class 2 introduces you to the practical, common-sense process of bringing balance to the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of human experience.   It details the necessary steps in creating and maintaining balance in one’s multidimensionality.

This course is important and a necessary sequel to Modern Meditation.    Your presenter is Dr. Philip Duncan.  It comes to you via Modern Spirituality TV on Synchronicity’s Circle of One.

The cost of Course 4 is $29.95.