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The Holographic Play of Consciousness in the Individual – Part Two, The Script

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”

William Shakespeare (As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII)


Our previous blog delineated the actor and the stage in the individual human journey, a microcosmic version of the macrocosmic Holographic Play of Consciousness in the Universal. This posting introduces the third and final component, THE SCRIPT, where opportunities abound for transformation … particularly when complemented by daily practice with High-Tech Meditation® soundtracks.

The foundational premise for this series is that the universe is a hologram and the objective world doesn’t really exist but is rather a vast ocean of waves and frequencies. Individually, our brains interpret and convert that “holographic blur” into images, beliefs and stories in a mirroring effect, designed to create some sense of a continuum and keep us feeling safe and “sane.”

Since the hologram is based on beliefs, then, to change our reality, we have to change our beliefs.



Beliefs are the basis of stories. They belong to the objective, negative polarity of manifestation (i.e., phenomenal, as opposed to the positive noumenal).

Stories are an attempt to define the indefinable, to give meaning to that which is meaningless, to give us some sense of control over our large, intimidating world. We live through our beliefs and stories based on the desire to feel autonomous and powerful — in order to survive and have our needs met. Yet, we secretly know we are actually more at the effect of life than the cause and are constantly working to reverse that. However, it’s the acceptance of life as it is that brings happiness, and the evolutionary journey reveals that to us … sooner or later.

Human beings are Information Processing Units, using archetypal DNA, enculturation and choices in the Hero’s Journey through the inter-connected data-stream of the torus energy field surrounding our bodies. Once we establish a belief, we create a magnetic attraction to its opposite — creating a journey of duality and conflicts until it is balanced. Once the belief is released, the residual frequencies dissipate over time and increasing awareness results in a more truthful (and blissful) life.

Where to start in clearing our stories? We began discussing this in a previous blog on “The Play of Consciousness in the Universal” 2

Our beliefs are carried through the geometric form known as the “torus”, a polarized, dynamic matrix of flowing energy and information. It downloads and REFLECTS our beliefs about illusory dualities to us for our observation and evolution.



In earlier blogs, we delineated the creation of beliefs and stories in detail. It would be helpful here to review the main bullet points from Thomas Asacker’s book3, as quoted in our “Perception and Reality” blog4,

“… that’s how our brains evolved – by seeking patterns and making meaning, everywhere and all the time.”

  • “Our perception becomes our reality, and a belief is born.”
  • “… perception draws upon context, memories and desires to simulate a cohesive whole.”
  • “… your mind simply wants to understand and make predictions. So it will invent dots until it envisions a coherent picture.”
  • “Everything is inherently without meaning. Except for the meaning we create.”

So why do we hold onto some perceptions and beliefs, yet dismiss others? Asacker further writes that:

  • “There are times when we hold tight to our memories and beliefs, even in the face of disconfirming evidence … when they have been infused with emotion and personal relevance.”
  • “The job of the conscious mind is to automatically produce a story to make sense out of our perceptions and reflections.”

Thought process in the brain

  • “Imagined experiences are processed as real ones – the very same neurons are being connected and activated.”
  • “Our brains have evolved to work that way, to transform reality by making up cause and effect stories.”
  • “Stories are powerful. Because we all become the stories we tell ourselves.”

At Synchronicity, we use The Socratic Process to bring up beliefs and stories that reflect non-acceptance and thus unhappiness. Discovery, acceptance and release of these stories is a powerful transformational process and brings wholeness and fulfillment.


HOW TO BEGIN?  Where everything begins … with Light…  

Light is everywhere in our world. We need it to see:

it carries information from the world to our eyes and brains.5 

Light refracted through a prism creates the rainbow colors of visible light, each with its own frequency, from dense (red) to subtle (purple variants).

IN THE SAME WAY, in the human body, light is refracted and appears in its layers of frequencies according to density, as shown below.



To ensure complete incoming and outgoing information, we have a matrix of two subtle, parallel-energy lines in the area of the spine, each side running in an opposite direction from the other, ensuring incoming and outgoing information at every chakra vortex. This delineation appears in ancient wisdom traditions such as Kundalini in the Vedic/ Tantric tradition. (The central shushumna and alternating sides Ida and Pingala are sometimes, as a whole, compared to the twists and turns of DNA strands).

ONE METHOD of clearing beliefs and stories is through looking at our beliefs stored in each of the frequencies in the 7 energy vortexes. We begin at the base with the densest beliefs and work upward toward ever-more subtle frequencies and beliefs and experiences. The heart vortex is key, as it is the gateway to the subtler, higher frequency vortices.

NOW THAT WE’VE SET THE STAGE (pun intended), we will begin in succeeding blogs to delineate the 7 vortexes, one by one, revealing the traps and escape keys for evolutionary momentum and bliss.




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3) Thomas Asacker’s “The Business of Belief: How the World’s Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe”.

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