The Modern Spirituality Video Series Course 2

A Truthful Experience of Life

Modern Spirituality—A Truthful Experience of Life

Understanding Your Life—A Course on Modern Spirituality:
• Understand your life’s experience simply and truthfully;
• Learn the holistic teachings of Master Charles Cannon;
• Streaming or Downloadable Online 3-Class Format.

The Teachings:
• Based on holistic principles from the world’s great wisdom traditions;
• Designed for modern life in today’s world and includes understandings afforded by the latest in scientific, technological, and philosophical explorations in consciousness.
• Modern interpretation by an adept, a master spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon.

In this course, you will:
• Understand Modern Spirituality’s Holistic Model of Reality—a truthful roadmap for life—as the only holistic teaching you will ever need;
• Understand the Mechanics of Consciousness—how it works—for yourself and your world;
• Feel the experience of simple understanding replacing non-truthful and complex beliefs;
• Learn “where your feet are” in the evolution of your consciousness.

Your presenters are Master Charles Cannon and Dr. Philip Duncan.

Your 3-class course comes to you via streaming video from Synchronicity Foundation. Completion of one class opens you automatically to its sequel.

The cost of Modern Spirituality—a Truthful Experience of Life—is $49.