The Holographic Rainbow: From the Heart

“Transformation is through awareness, not analysis.” 1

Master Charles Cannon


In a break from the delineation of the seven chakras, now is a good time to expand on the open heart chakra.

The previous blog was an attempt at quieting the mind-field with information that could satisfy the mind’s goal of thinking it can understand the world we face each day… a world of our own making, collectively and individually. With the mind in coherence (balance), there is access to the heart-field.

To expand the heart chakra, however, takes a real commitment to living with an open heart, one that allows for releasing the need to understand and embracing change… not with an attitude of resignation but with heart-felt gratitude. Every person, situation and event in our world is a gift for our contemplation and response. It’s the way we grow through the relative field that is giving us choices, moment-by-moment, to expand our experience of truthful reality.

As Master Charles often says, “who are you choosing to be?” 2 when faced by your challenges. If you can see them as a gift and be grateful, you have already mastered the challenge. You have seen the oneness and most likely are blissful in the process. For if everything is one and there is “no other”, where is the challenge? It’s a holographic mirror showing previous thoughts and concepts for your review and response. Once you have fully experienced them as illusion, you are free. Freedom and bliss are the rewards of each clearing of old data, which increases the gratitude even more…. and, eventually, readiness for the next round, the next wave of consciousness to grace yourself with another mirror.

It’s the end of summer and change is happening for many people returning to academic institutions, from students to teachers to administrators … in all levels from kindergarten to graduate school to business/trade schools. Fall is also coming and changing the weather to cooler temperatures and, in some places, beautiful fall foliage.

So many brilliant opportunities for gracing ourselves with gratitude, love, and appreciation for all that we encounter!   The last blog explained how love is our nature and now there are expanded opportunities to experience that love, within ourselves and as the projected images we encounter.


Who are you choosing to be today?



  1. Master Charles Cannon, presentations and writings.
  2. Master Charles Cannon, presentations and writings.
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