The Modern Spirituality Video Series Course 1

Master Charles Cannon on Modern Spirituality

Master Charles Cannon on Modern Spirituality gives you the most concise understanding of his holistic teachings. It comes to you in a downloadable 7-class format.

Classes include:
• An Introduction to Modern Spirituality
• The Holistic Model of Reality and the Mechanics of Consciousness
• Modern Meditation
• The Holistic Lifestyle
• The interaction of the Mind-field and the Heart-field
• The Socratic Process of personal inquiry
• The important Role of the Master Spiritual Teacher.

This course will inspire and empower you. It will deliver a truthful understanding of Consciousness and how it works … in your life and in all life. You will see how truthful simplicity replaces non-truthful and complex beliefs. And most important, you will learn “where your feet are” in the evolution of your consciousness. Your presenter is Master Charles Cannon.

The course comes to you via streaming video from Synchronicity’s Circle of One. You may watch the sessions in any order. Your purchase allows you to repeat any video sessions anytime you want.

The cost of this 7-class course is $79.00.