EXPERIENCING JOY IN THE NEW YEAR? ….. If not, change your holographic reflection!

If we aren’t experiencing joy, we haven’t let go yet … let go of trying to create it ourselves, our self with a little “s”. You’ve likely heard that before, but probably not in the language of holographic mirrors and “frequencies.”

All our perceptions (positive or negative) are only multi-layered reflectionsad infinitum … through “mirror, mirror on the wall.” The lower self (rooted in three-dimensional fear of the other, more-powerful dimensions) makes judgments, creates beliefs, and acts on them as though they were a reality, trying to flex its muscles for power.  Within the universal hologram, a consensus reality of electro-magnetic frequencies is created, attracting similar mirrors with the same fears.

We are a multi-dimensional being of which our 3-dimensional little-self reflections are just a fragment in the mirror — a “fractal” — of the 3 densest dimensions sticking out this far from the primordial soup.

Thus, the “Higher Self” could be said to be our positive polarity fulfilling the primary intention of consciousness … to experience itself fully through multiplication of itself. It multiples through mirrored fragments, appearing to our 3-dimensional perception as multiple “others” … so we can be fearful enough to react on beliefs and create this game of illusion.

Another way to put it:  if we think of manifestation as a baseline, the bright blue at the bottom (of the graphic below) can be thought of Unified Consciousness (as the “Higher Self”) propelling extrusion into 3-dimensional appearance.

Those who meditate (and experience the above deeper blue frequencies of Unified Consciousness) let go enough of the outward propelled focus to look  inward and feel the source of existence. That’s where the joy is, where we feel “at home” in the first “rushes” of separation from the primordial soup that squeal with delight as the primary intention is fulfilled yet again.

Feeling the joy yet? Meditate, meditate, meditate and find the deep blue!

Also, you can come to the Synchronicity Sanctuary and have your NeuroField brain map done, to show you how-far-down you’re aware of your sticking-out-from-the-baseline (of joyous pure-existence). The mapping and balancing protocols are available outside of retreats, as well as during retreats.

If you need more help in finding the deep blue of Unified Consciousness and can’t make it to the Sanctuary, you can access your deepest states through Synchronicity meditation soundtracks laden with technology that will take you to the delta Unified Consciousness.  The Recognitions Program (with delta frequencies) is the fastest track there.

The graphic below shows the explanation of the BETA (the top bars in our blue frequency graphic above) and the lower frequencies toward the thicker blue (alpha, theta, delta).

Best wishes for a joyful year!


Infograph: How to Meditate

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