The Modern Spirituality Video Series Course 3

Modern Meditation

Modern Spirituality—Modern Meditation

This 3-class course will inspire you about meditation through the eyes of a master spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon. Master Charles is the founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality and creator of Modern Meditation—a meditation system update utilizing technology for precision experience. The course is available in a downloadable 3-Class format.

Class 1 features Master Charles in an interview as he first explains the context for classical meditation and then why and how he evolved it to a modern meditation system. You will learn why classical meditation is no longer sufficient for our modern world and why Synchronicity’s High-Tech Meditation® is essential for our times.

Class 2 introduces you to human brainwaves. You will learn the characteristics and functionality of individual brainwaves and how their patterns reflect the evolution of the human brain.

Class 3 focuses on the latest research in how meditation changes the human brain. Several important studies featuring functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have led to breakthroughs in understanding the mysteries of brain function and the impact of meditation.

This course truly lives up to its promise — it reveals how meditation changes your brain and the possibilities for your evolution and growth.

Your presenters are Master Charles Cannon and Dr. Philip Duncan. It comes to you via Modern Spirituality TV on Synchronicity’s Circle of One.

The cost of Course 3 is $49.95.