The Modern Spirituality Video Series Course 6

The Role of the Master

Modern Spirituality—The Role of the Master

This course is focused on the master spiritual teacher—considered essential in the East and yet not understood in the West. To frame up this two-class course, Master Charles Cannon is first seen in an interview in which he develops the classical criteria by which the authentic master is recognized and how each of these criteria relate to the master’s role to the humanity of this planet. The course is available in a downloadable 2-Class format.

Class 1 features an interview with a living master spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon, the founder and spiritual director of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality. In this interview, Master Charles develops the five classical criteria by which an authentic master is recognized and through which the master actualizes his / her role.

Class 2 takes you through the end of the involutionary cycle in human experience, the process of awakening under the auspices of the authentic master, and the role of the true adept in the evolutionary cycle of truth. You will understand that the most important criteria for the master is “state of being”—the living master’s energetic presence that entrains and empowers humanity to truthful experience.

This course is a necessary conclusion to Courses 1-5. Your presenter is Dr. Philip Duncan. It comes to you via Modern Spirituality TV on Synchronicity’s Circle of One.

The cost of Course 6 is $29.95.