The Modern Spirituality Video Series Course 5

The Socratic Process of Inquiry

Modern Spirituality—The Socratic Process of Inquiry

Class 1 develops the illusory data created in the Involutionary Cycle of individuated consciousness. It details the process of non-truthful inquiry as identification with our illusory thoughts, beliefs and stories about who we are and what life is about. A detailed presentation of the operation of the ego provides a clear understanding of this time in human experience.

Class 2 takes you through the Evolutionary Cycle as you progressively balance your dense dimensions, develop holistic self-awareness, and create the context for truthful inquiry. It explains why the post-awakening phase of the Evolutionary Cycle is so challenging for the individual human being. Using the Socratic Process of Inquiry, you learn how to find and address your deep illusory data, and bring it to holistic awareness to be dismantled.

This course is a necessary sequel to Course 4, The Holistic Lifestyle. Your presenter is Dr. Philip Duncan. It comes to you via Modern Spirituality TV on Synchronicity’s Circle of One.

The cost of Course 5 is $29.95.