The Modern Spirituality Video Series

The Modern Spirituality Video Series gives you the most comprehensive understanding of the holistic teachings of Master Charles Cannon.

Master Charles is the world’s leading spokesperson on Modern Spirituality, a non-sectarian, practical spirituality for today’s world. Always on the leading edge of holistic philosophy and application, Master Charles speaks of Modern Spirituality® as the most important evolutionary philosophy of our time. He has taken the time-honored holistic principles from the great wisdom traditions, updated them with the latest understandings afforded by scientific, technological, and philosophical explorations in consciousness, and interpreted them for our modern, complex, and confusing world of today.


  1. Master Charles Cannon on Modern Spirituality. This 7-session video course develops the major themes in Modern Spirituality by Master Charles Cannon himself. Filmed in 2012, this series has been restored from archives and digitally re-mastered to deliver a timeless recording of a great living master spiritual teacher, Master Charles as he brings clarity to his teachings and fully empowers them with his holistic presence. The cost of this course is $79.

2. Modern Spirituality—A Truthful Experience of Life. Your presenters in this 3-session video series are Master Charles Cannon and Dr. Philip Duncan.  The focus is the Holistic Model of Reality and the Mechanics of consciousness.  You will learn a truthful roadmap for life and understand how it works.  Simplicity of experience will replace complex beliefs.  All courses in the Modern Spirituality Video Series spring from this fundamental teaching.  The cost of this course is $49.

3. Modern Spirituality—Modern Meditation. This 3-session course features Master Charles Cannon and Dr. Philip Duncan. An opening interview with Master Charles explores the history of traditional meditation and how modern High-Tech Meditation was developed and accepted by the world. Sessions 2 and 3 explore a modern understanding of human brainwaves and how meditation changes your brain. The cost of this course is $49.

4. Modern Spirituality—The Holistic Lifestyle. It is often said that meditation is the primary balancing technique in human experience … but … by itself is not enough to create the balance necessary for wholeness and fulfillment. One of Master Charles Cannon’s primary contributions to the world is in raising the importance of the Holistic Lifestyle to the level it deserves. In this 2-session course, Dr. Philip Duncan focuses on the most imbalanced dimensions of human experience—the dense dimensions—the physical body, the emotions, and the mind and the ways we create and maintain balance necessary for the spiritual journey. Cost $29.

5. Modern Spirituality—The Socratic Process of Inquiry. All wisdom traditions highlight the need for inquiry into the vast database of the human mind. Saturated with non-truthful thoughts, beliefs and stories about who we are and what life is, the human journey is fraught with roadblocks and detours—all leading us in a circle back to where we started. Truthful inquiry is required to ask the most basic of question that leads to a truthful path—“Is this true?” Master Charles Cannon has adapted the Socratic Process of Inquiry to answer this and other questions. Dr. Philip Duncan presents this 2-session course. Cost $29. Course coming soon.

6. Modern Spirituality—The Role of the Master. For thousands of years, the authentic spiritual master has been accepted in many world cultures as serving an important role in teaching, guiding and modeling the spiritual myth in the evolution of human consciousness. The West, which embraces the material myth, has had difficulty in accepting the master spiritual teacher. This 2-session course, presented by Master Charles Cannon and Dr. Philip Duncan details the precise requirements that must be demonstrated by a master spiritual teacher to truthfully teach, model, empower and guide the aspiring student in the spiritual journey. Cost $29.