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Experience - MSTV

Modern Spirituality TV

Current and archived videos of Master Charles Cannon by monthly subscription. Monthly presentations by Synchronicity Certified Teachers addressing provocative themes. Regular webcasts and live interactive on-line events are free to subscribers.

Meditate - Recognitions

High-Tech Meditation

The Recognitions Program is modern meditation for daily use. It is a carefully designed at-home program of inspiration, education and technology-based meditation for actualizing modern spiritual experience in daily life. The most expansive level of Synchronicity sonic entrainment technology is only available in the Recognitions Program. This is the leading-edge of the High-Tech Meditation experience.

Learn - The Teachings

The Modern Spirituality Video Series

The Circle of One offers The Modern Spirituality Video Series—seven online courses featuring Master Charles Cannon and the Synchronicity Staff. These remarkable courses deliver the essence of Modern Spirituality. Through the teachings imparted, you will have a truthful understanding of the process of life mastery. You will see your path and know where you are on it.

Modern Spirituality for the Digital Age

The Circle of One is the premiere online platform for Modern Spirituality, Modern Meditation, and the Holistic Lifestyle. A membership is invaluable because Master Charles Cannon, master spiritual teacher and master of meditation, is at the center of the Circle of One.

Master Charles has over 40 years’ experience in helping thousands worldwide learn the art and science of Modern Meditation, how to apply the Holistic Lifestyle and how to use the Holistic Model of Reality as an instruction manual for life. Master Charles has created a Modern Spirituality for the world in which we live-not for one of long ago-and, with the Circle of One you will find all the tools and inspiration you’ll need to have an effective spiritual practice in the comfort of your own home.

Join the Circle of One today and let a master spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon, guide you in the journey of discovery—the discovery of who you really are and what life is.

Master Charles Cannon

  • Compatible with All Devices

    Watch the video courses on your computer, tablet or smart phone.. all that is needed is a high-speed Internet connection.

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

    The Circle of One gives you the flexibility of being able to learn when you have the time to fit it into your schedule of work and family.

  • Personal Support

    We’re here to help you along the way with advice and coaching.

  • Recognitions Program Discounts

    The Circle of One offers discounts on your purchases of the Recognitions Program.

  • Retreats and Products Discounts

    Receive discounts on Synchronicity products and retreats with a Circle of One membership.

What others say…

To someone new to modern spirituality TV, I would say that they can gain insight and peace, from just a few moments of browsing through the website. The titles allow me to browse at my leisure and find a topic suited to me in that moment. I’m amazed at how impactful it has been, how much energy is shared between Synchronicity Sanctuary and my computer and myself. It’s almost like being there in person. It’s a wonderful tool. I highly recommend it.

Alicia Anderson

Recognitions is clearly the most advanced program of its kind anywhere. I’ve been involved 12 years. It takes you progressively to more advanced topics as well as more advanced levels of holistic living and consciousness. It’s amazing. It’s absolutely wonderful, absolutely highly recommended.

Dave Swartz

Over time, I’ve noticed many benefits of taking the Modern Spirituality curriculum courses. One of them is my having more of a sense of balance in my life. It helps me as a mom, as a wife, and as a business person to be very present and connected to everyone around me in a way that I wasn’t before.

Michelle McDonough
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