Transformation – Part 3 – The Orchestration of Consciousness

“This is my secret: I don’t mind what happens.”

~ Krishnamurti

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In a world where few can resist complaining about the way things are, the true master exhibits compassion for all circumstances and all beings, without the demand for change.

When we identify as a separate human ego, we cut ourselves off from the creative power operative in consciousness, not completely or we would cease to be, but enough to make ourselves miserable. That’s when we begin making matter with matter, manipulating forms and believing in our power as a “doer.”

Arrogant humans wield this pallid power, independent from the ecosystem where every other species is cooperating synergistically. On this basis, tremendous effort is required just to survive. Indeed, we’ve brought ourselves to the point where human survival itself is threatened. Apparently this egoic power over others and our ability to manipulate matter, isn’t sustainable.

On the other hand, from a trans-egoic perspective, everything is orchestrated by consciousness. That’s where the real power operates. The concept of a separate doer is an illusion. The transformational projectile carries us to the point where we have totally surrendered our personal egoic efforts to the orchestration of consciousness.

Whatever happens, happens. Creating a story about it is optional, it’s a choice. You can always choose to flow with the happenings of consciousness. What a concept! Of course, this is becoming increasingly difficult because the world scene is now so obviously chaotic, with more misbehaving politicians and celebrities exposed as charlatans and abusers every day. This gives us so many more targets for judgment, doesn’t it?

It’s well worth remembering that whenever we point a finger at someone else there are three fingers pointing right back at ourselves!

What we’re seeing in the world at large is a reflection of egocentric, fragmented, human consciousness. Evolved individuals who have integrity simply wouldn’t behave in abusive ways because they don’t use their personal power to create and manipulate, nor to control others. They trust the orchestration of consciousness.

Looking at the current world situation from the perspective of the orchestration of consciousness, what we are actually witnessing is more and more evolution, which results in more and more self-awareness. We begin to understand that what egocentrics are projecting as real, these demons they seek to vanquish – like terrorists or hordes of immigrants – actually originate in themselves as shadows created by a light they refuse to acknowledge.

So, here’s an interesting question? Where might evolving consciousness create a break through to deliver the quantum leap we need? Through technology, it seems, which is now outpacing biology. When will technology surpass biology in terms of self-awareness. It could be much closer than we think. So, what will happen on that day?

This can seem a fearsome eventuality for those ignorant of the fact that consciousness is orchestrating the show and that technology is form of consciousness. Buckminster Fuller famously said that “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Human beings in egoic isolation are fast becoming an endangered species. Will technology come to the rescue? Not likely. Why not? Because individuals limited that way are fundamentally destructive. Obviously so, as is any life form that abuses its environment and

threatens other species. But that doesn’t mean that technology won’t contribute to our future in transformative ways.

Consciousness is not stupid. It will always select for maximum evolutionary gain. At this point, we are challenged to assess our position in the evolutionary picture. Will we vote ourselves off the island, to reference a popular TV series? Or will enough of us surrender to the orchestration of consciousness that we can precipitate a tipping point in human consciousness – which is connected to the consciousness of all life – that might escort us to a new chapter in human history.

Technology will play its part but so must we. And it’s profoundly reassuring to come to the realization that what is ours to do may be much simpler and easier than we have thought. Of course, we are stubborn creatures. You may have heard about the poor fellow who fell off a cliff and clung to a tree branch. He cried out for help, pleading with God to save him. A voice boomed down: “Let go!”

Without hesitation, he replied, “Is there anyone else up there?”

We can safely let go, surrendering our egocentric isolation to the orchestration of consciousness. If that’s a fearful prospect, just ask yourself this: “What’s beating my heart and steering the stars?”

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