Entrainment – Part 2 – The Influence of Masters

There’s a reason millions of spiritual seekers
gather around masters to advance their enlightenment…
and it’s not primarily to hear what they say.

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The ancient Vedic and Tantric spiritual traditions considered that the truly authentic masters can teach without words.

Teaching without words means that something else is producing an enlightening influence. Anyone who has sat with a true teacher has felt this, to some degree (depending on their own state). Just being in the presence can produce a transformative effect.

This is entrainment in action and it has everything to do with the amplitude of personal power that the teacher is emitting. This power is innate to consciousness so we all have some as long as we’re alive. The difference lies in amplitude. Everyone is at their own power level.

Every one of us experiences the contraction in consciousness that is necessary to sustain our human forms in this dimension. Those who are the most contracted, have the least amplitude to their power. When you are in their presence, you don’t feel much of an entrainment effect. Those who are more awake, pack more of a punch.

What changes the amplitude of our power? It’s fairly obvious. Any activity that focuses our awareness in a positive direction – like meditation or any of the mindfulness practices – increases our amplitude of power. Fragmenting activities like expressing random negative emotions, being stressed out and argumentative, engaging in unhealthy addictions… these diminish our power.

Some teachers talk about “making matter from matter” to describe the nature of dysfunctional creativity, necessary whenever invisible life force has ebbed to the point where next to no influence is available and only an imposed physical solution can produce change.

It’s interesting to track the downward calibration of personal power relative to personal health. Someone who rarely leaves the sofa, eats junk food, and watches TV all day will tend to have more problems. A person who exercises regularly, eats a healthy diet, meditates, etc. will tend to be healthier, even faced with genetic insufficiencies.

Let’s say an accident happens and suddenly both of them need emergency surgery, then an extensive protocol of drugs. The healthier person might not need the same drug regime. And their regular meditation habit would strengthen their immune system to accelerate healing. The unhealthy person might struggle to recover and develop other problems… because their system is vulnerable.

In both cases, the person’s personal amplitude of power would be assisting in the healing process, significantly for the healthy person, almost imperceptibly for the unhealthy one.

This is where the principle of entrainment begins, through entraining ourselves.
As you evolve and continue waking up, spiritually, you begin to experience your own presence as self-entrainment. That’s the starting point for us all. Then others near us begin to notice something, as the amplitude of our personal power continues increasing.

We must first experience self-entrainment, then we can influence others. BTW, the easiest, simplest, and more impactful way to increase our power is through meditation. But the real advance comes from extending your meditation beyond the “sit.”

Yes, it helps to close your eyes and perform some kind of traditional meditation regularly. But what happens when you open your eyes? Was this just a technique, something to squeeze into a busy day, perhaps as a stress reduction strategy? No, the real goal of meditation is to become consistent in that state, to be in a meditative posture during more and more of the moments of your day. Finally – and this is the state of any true master who entrains with his presence and without words – you are in meditation all the time.

This might sound daunting. Could you even function at work in that state? And how could you possibly find the time to practice enough to ever get there? Well, as the Zen proverb says, “If you’re too busy to sit still for 10 minutes, you need to sit still for an hour.”

If you’re serious about your spiritual grown, make the conscious choice to actively increase your personal amplitude of power. You might even ask this question before engaging with an activity: “Will this increase or decrease my amplitude of power?”

What a question! Just imagine how this might change your habits, like ordering lunch, picking up a movie to watch, engaging in a political conversion. If you used the question as a compass, you could navigate your way through the challenges and opportunities of every day towards a constantly increasing ability to entrain and inspire with your mere presence, to teach without words.


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