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Transformation – Part 4 – The Balance of Heart and Mind

“The temporal heart resonates at whispers
From a Truth overarching
Of whose countenance
Timeless Intellect yearns vainly to fathom.”

~ Krishnamurti

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The key to transformation lies in the heart, but we must begin with changing the mind, because that’s where the trouble lies.

Sages throughout history have contemplated this human experiment in terms of coherent and incoherent fields. Coherent fields are interactive, harmonic, and inclusive. Incoherent fields are isolated, abrasive, and exclusive. Presently, most human brains function as an incoherent field. As long as the brain remains dominant in our experience, it blocks access to the heart field. The heart field is innately coherent, but we must get the mind field out of the way. That’s a necessary perquisite to actualizing the potential for the heart field to function as the gateway to true reality.

When the heart field is coherent, it dilates so you can experience the eternal now. The heart has a much greater amplitude than the mind field and is the mechanism by which we interact in cosmic consciousness, which could be described as an experience of vertical reality. That arises from what we call enlightenment, indicated by the dominance of universal over individual, the state where we are constantly downloading from the source of all possibility into our individual experience.

Masters concur that the heart field is indeed the gateway to true reality. But they also agree that the mind field is where the first work must be done, to create the horizontal balance required to complete that sacred symbol of the cross, where mind and heart resonate in coherence together, enabling that download to flow. When this condition is met, an individual transmits transformational power.

If we assume this is happening for more and more individuals, to varying degrees – the great unreported story of our time – what might our future hold? Shamans predict that consciousness will create a catastrophe. It could be nuclear. It could be environmental. It could be an epidemic. They won’t venture specifics because they don’t know. But they believe that there must be some manner of catastrophe when consciousness reaches the extremes of imbalance it has now reached, with both greater darkness and greater light. This is how consciousness corrects itself; it actualizes its opposite to restore balance.

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This principle is very much in play relative to technology, a true double-edged sword of potential deliverance or annihilation. Colin Dickey, the author of Cranioklepty and Afterlives of the Saints, writes: “The capacity of any technology, you could say, must always be tempered by the limitations of the individuals who design and implement it.”

There are many who are pro technology, eagerly willing to have their brains upgraded with a chip. Others protest that this is the work of the devil. But technology is being orchestrated by consciousness, like everything else. Whether the modern miracles our technology produces turn out to be blessing or curse depends on who develops and uses it.

This makes balancing heart and mind an urgent priority, because we all create with technology these days, from smart phones to computers to the latest voice activated, robotic information delivery systems that Amazon sells under the name of mini stereos. What we create inevitably resonates with and broadcasts the nature of who we are. As long as we are living in our heads, disconnected from the ongoing rhythms of life in the overall ecosystem that we continue to ignore at our peril, we have shut down our heart field and that sustains an imbalance that escalates in danger as our technology expands.

So it is that the scale and nature of transformation we humans will require to survive beyond the threats we ourselves have manufactured in our imbalanced ignorance clearly depends on somehow achieving this personal balance, so that what we produce, which today always involves some level of technology, will carry a resonant coherence that sustains, not destroys, life. How many of us can reach that level and how soon?

Virtual Reality Girl

There’s an old song I remember, apparently by Roxette, a group I don’t remember, with these insightful lyrics: “Listen to your heart, there’s nothing else you can do.” If only! Actually, there’s plenty else we can do, like ricochet around in our heads being clever and creating catastrophes! Of course, that’s consciousness in action too!

What a wild ride this is, life in the 21st century. Remember, we all signed up for this, probably because we weren’t given a preview of coming attractions. Since we’re here, we might as well make the best of the situation, by learning how to balance heart and mind and becoming a positive change maker of transformation through technology, perhaps just in the nick of time!

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