How to stay in the heart for a truthful and blissful Holiday Season

Why is it so hard to stay in the heart in this human journey?  Meditators have been asking that for forever… The center of our human bodies, energetically, is the heart – the gateway to the transcendental reality we all seek. Without balance in the heart, there is no access to the deeper dimensions of our being.

Gratefully, a truthful and blissful holiday season is really simple… and logical. Nothing to memorize or repeat back. It’s only a matter of opening your heart to who you already are — a loving, sparkling fractal of the One Blissful Consciousness. We are the diversity of unity, an expression of the myriad facets of being. Opening to those facets, allowing them, loving them for being part of the One – this is the first step in opening ourselves to our reflections in the hologram. Allowing “others” to be the way they are (and the way they are not) is mirrored back to your open heart, and it’s YOUR decision as to whether to accept that reflection or close your heart and reject it as “not you.” (As always, accepting and loving yourself is first.)

The basis of that decision is based on your evolutionary level of beliefs, whether you have actually accepted the possibility of oneness and the love-energy that is the nature of that oneness.

Love is nothing to seek; it merely IS, when oneness is experienced.

The following is the continuation of the last blog, as promised, and it dives into relatable archetypes of the human journey. REFLECT ON THEM as you journey your holiday season. Learn to let that reflection shine in your heart as part of you, part of the One Blissful Consciousness that is merely PLAYING and enjoying itself.

“Joy” is the buzz-word of the season;

 Experience it by seeing your oneness and accepting the love being offered

in our holographic mirroring reality.


Holographic Mirrors of the Soul:  The Play of Consciousness — In the Individual

The Microcosm is merely a reflection of the Macrocosm delineated earlier. Humanoids are examples of the microcosm and, on this planet, have evolved in ways that are now fairly predictable – through archetypes of the collective consciousness.


An archetype, in Jungian psychology, is a collectively-inherited pattern of thought, image, etc., that is universally present in individual psyches. Here we use these 12 general patterns as the role of the actor in our holographic play of consciousness. Jung also defined the negative polarity of these roles as “shadows”, “part of self, but that part which we deny and project onto others” – in other words, our flaws and misbeliefs about ourselves. The evolutionary process is that of individuation by making the unconscious conscious. The best way to journey the SHADOW is to look at the opposite polarity and incorporate that energy for balance. In these cards, the Shadow (and its symbols) are given for contemplation, balancing and integration.

Here is a version of the 12 archetypes: The Initiator, Maintainer, Communicator, Caregiver, Charismatic, Perfectionist, Peacemaker, Transformist, Philosopher, Authority, Humanitarian, Visionary…. If you know astrology, you will see similarities (as a reflection of the microcosm).

Since duality is the mark of the “play of consciousness”, the 12 archetypes have their polar opposite, which can balance their shadows if applied with awareness and detachment.  Both are merely polarities of the One and, together, can open to balance and bliss.

We hope this helps you enjoy a blissful and sourceful holiday ….


           FIRST DUALITY:

          and its opposite:   



          and its opposite:   


            THIRD DUALITY:

           and its opposite:   


            FOURTH DUALITY:

          and its opposite:     


              FIFTH DUALITY:

         and its opposite:    



           and its opposite:   

The next blog will be about #2. THE STAGE in Individual consciousness (hint: read the previous blog on The Hero’s Journey, which was also published in The Consciousness Journal online and print).