Recording Affirmations On Our Conference Line

Steps to Record Core Dynamics Affirmations On Our Conference Line:

1. Call Conference Call Phone Number
2. Record Affirmation
3. Send Email Confirmation

* During the eight phases of the Recognitions Program, holistic unifying affirmations were part of the meditation soundtracks. In the Core Dynamics Program, you will now create your own affirmations in order to address specific areas in your life in which you want to experience more balance and wholeness.

Conference Call Phone Number

  1. Call the conference line (from the US call 1- 563-999-1075).
  2. When prompted enter access code 483503#
  3. Confirm that you are the Host by pressing *.
  4. Enter Host pin 1120#

*International Numbers
Australia 02 4238 51
Mexico 01 899 274 8612​
New Zealand 06-928 753​
Singapore 3138 9201

Record Affirmations

1. To Start Recording press *9 and then 1
(state your name and Core Dynamics Phase number)
2. To Stop recording press *9 and then 1

Send Email Confirmation

Send email confirmation to Bobbie, , so she can download your audio file.