Guidelines for Creating Core Dynamics Affirmations

Steps to Creating Affirmations for Core Dynamics:

1. Write Affirmations Based Upon Guidelines Set By Master Charles
2. Submit Affirmations for Approval

* During the eight phases of the Recognitions Program, holistic unifying affirmations were part of the meditation soundtracks. They were created and spoken by Master Charles.  In the Core Dynamics Program, you will now create your own affirmations in order to address specific areas in your life in which you want to experience more balance and wholeness.

Write Affirmations Based Upon Master Charles’ Guidelines

There are certain elements to consider in creating an affirmation. First, there is the wording:
In order to create balance, the non-dominant positive polarity needs to be emphasized. For example, when you experience stress, you want to emphasize the opposite experience, which might be relaxation for you.

The positive polarity is Being and so the affirmation should be worded in that way. “I am relaxed”, “I am joyful”, “I am experiencing peace”, etc.

Affirmations need to be stated in the present tense. You want to word them in the state of already having manifested and in a gradual process—i.e.  “I am experiencing more and more peace”, or “I am experiencing ever-increasing peace in my life.”  It is always recommended to start all affirmations with the phrase: “ I am …

Stage 1

The emphasis at this initial stage is expansion and creativity. To begin, just allow yourself to open up to your experience in many areas of your life. At this point, do not attempt to formulate your thoughts and impressions into a “correct” format of written affirmations. This can be a limitation. Simply allow your thoughts and impressions to arise without any attempt at structure or editing. This information, uncensored, is arising from the subconscious and unconscious areas of your mind. Trust it.

The following areas are suggestions that you can use to consider your life experience and determine if there are any aspects that you would like to address with your affirmations. Feel free to use different ones as well. At this point, just consider which areas you want to address and list them on a piece of paper. It is advisable to work with your eyes closed as you contemplate and bring this material into focus. With closed eyes, you have better access to your feeling nature.

Physical, Emotional, Mental dimensions
Health, Relationships, Job/Career
Self-worth, Meditation, Creativity

Stage 2

Look over your list and consider each item. You can begin anywhere on your list. Take one item at a time and with your eyes closed, consider how the experience in this area has been in your life and what you want to affirm. Carefully consider and write down the information as soon as it presents itself.

After you have completed the entire list, go through it again and, this time, allow yourself to feel and experience the words and situations that you are describing. Remember, the language of consciousness is the feeling that the words convey–not the actual words themselves. Allow yourself to experience the feeling right here and right now. Let the feeling play throughout your body and energy field. Be the experience you want to have!

Statement: I want to be more alive.

Observe your experience of feeling.

When I allow myself to feel aliveness: my body tingles, I am peaceful, I feel energetic and joyful.
When you have completed this stage, you can begin to formulate your affirmations, taking into consideration the guidelines above. These may or may not come to you easily, in the form of “subliminal language”. Just write them down as they are. Don’t stress.

Stage 3

Now it is time to prepare your list of affirmations for submission to Master Charles.  Begin by creating each one as a brief sentence that expresses the feeling you want to have in your life.  Here, less is more due to recording time and repetition.  Suggested … 10 affirmations or less. Write or type the final version of your affirmations, including your name and the date and the level of the Recognitions Core Dynamics Program in which you are participating. Then e-mail it to, or use the submission form below. You will be notified upon Master Charles’ approval of your affirmations and will find affirmation recording and submission instructions here:
Affirmations Recording.