What is Truth? – Part 3

“Every living thing and every situation, is in divine order!
Believe, and have faith that everything is where it is at, and should be!
Everything happens for our highest good!”

~ Angie Karan

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Something wonderful is happening. Our hearts keep beating and the planets don’t collide. What’s going on?

The loving sentiment expressed in Angie Karan’s quote would likely be immediately embraced by millions who agree. Meanwhile, Mehmet Murat Ildan writes: “When you see a lion tearing apart a zebra, what sort of divine order you see there? What we see there is nothing but savagery, injustice and chaos, in short, we see a primitive disorder, we see an evolutionary cruelty and a primitive disturbance deprived of any kind of ethics!”

Who is right? What is the truth?

As we’ve been discussing in this short series on Truth, life is subjective. Both authors spoke their truth. But as we read their words, the tendency is to polarize, to begin aligning ourselves with one position or the other. This exposes the fundamental thinking flaw regarding this subject, that “truth” is something we can congeal into some enduring form.

This is routinely done, of course, in books of philosophy and psychology and history, etc. What’s written becomes “true.” But what’s written is subjective; human beings wrote it, expressing what they believed. Most writers aren’t liars, at least not consciously, but that doesn’t mean that what they express is true for anyone but themselves.

Jesus said something about obeying the spirit of the law, not just the letter. Arguing about the letter of the law is what fuels our conflict. What about the reality that doesn’t depend on beliefs? For instance, climate change, a hot topic (pun intended) these days.

What’s the truth about climate change? Are we humans causing it, is this just the natural cycle of life on the planet, complete with temperature fluctuations that we have nothing to do with? How silly! Imagine, you’re in a boat that’s leaking and everyone argues about why… as the boat sinks. Why not bail? If the world is heating up and if that’s a problem to civilization, why not do whatever we can to at least attempt to mitigate the harmful effects? Why not just bail out the water and quit arguing about what caused the leak?

Blogger Mike Nickerson writes, “Two deeply held beliefs have endured in the popular mind for many centuries. One is the belief that human ingenuity (science and technology, in this age) will overcome all problems. The other belief is that we are in such deep trouble that nothing we can do will save us. While these two perspectives seem very different, they both imply that believers can sit back and not worry about changing their habits or making any extra effort.” 1

The truth of the matter is, as stated in the opening comment, that something wonderful is happening and that we can change our habits of denial and our chosen identity as powerless, complaining spectators. We can do something about what’s happening on the planet by aligning ourselves with what’s already working – the order in the natural world – and that’s the truth!

Something wonderful is happening. It may seem glib to mention our beating hearts and order in the solar system but think about it. What’s in control? Something is, and it’s not me or you! Would you voluntarily take over digesting lunch or growing white blood cells to fight an infection? Would you profess to have the ability to keep the moon where she is and make sure Mercury doesn’t go off course some time this afternoon?

A billion, billion complex activities are occurring in this moment and our minds have next to nothing to do with their success or failure. Where we can make a difference is with our choices and actions in the milieu of our day to day lives. As they say, we can be part of the solution or part of the problem. The problem? Ignorant humans marauding our way through the world leaving a wake of destruction in our path. The solution? Aware humans consciously bringing whatever seems to be needed in the moment, beyond the fulfilment of self-serving desires.

And, as those of us open to spiritual explorations know, it always starts on the inside. Thoughts and feelings become words and actions. And when our intentions are true, that is, when we align our thoughts and feelings with the organizing intelligence of the cosmos, we begin to fulfill our destined function: to be the connecting link between “God” and the healthy functioning of this created world.

What else did we imagine we were here for?

1. http://www.sustainwellbeing.net/NTE.html

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