The Emperor is Naked – Part 4 – The Awakening Impulse

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back.
From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again
let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment.
The eternal makes you urgent.”

~ John O’Donohue

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The urgency of bad news easily rivets our attention. But something else is happening beneath the surface, beyond all those distractions. Human beings are awakening.

Something is coming that will get the attention of the whole world. It is inevitable. Consciousness is evolving. The measure of that is self-awareness, which is always catalyzed by some form of crisis, personal or collective. This is the real story of 21st century life, the prospect of a mass awakening of humanity.

What draws our attention is the surface play, disasters and catastrophes. Increasingly, millions of us are encountering life or death scenarios. But these are symptoms of something else, almost completely unreported and unknown to the vast majority of the population.

Humanity is awakening from the illusory state of egoic separation.

Confronted with global problems that are becoming increasingly local, many of us ask, “What can I do to help?” The highest level of contribution is to make choices that grow our experience of the spiritual trans-egoic level. Why? Because our contribution from that level is more powerful than anything we can do.

It begins with getting your own house in order.

In other words, become as wakeful and balanced as you can possibly be in relationship to the challenges you face, so that your choices are always coming from love. You can choose to be kind and compassionate and peaceful, no matter what. This means that you are prioritizing the quality of your vibration and the contribution that it makes to the world around you. When anyone rises to that level it makes a significant difference. If a hundred, a thousand, a million of us do that, it becomes the energetic contribution that just might serve to awaken our entire species.

So, how would you describe your personal transmission? If what I’ve termed “the awakening impulse” is the dominant force in your experience, then you are constantly taking personal responsibility for your transmission. It’s invisible by nature but becomes visible through what you say and do. Your real contribution emerges from the inside out.

Life on planet earth for human beings unfolds in the growing field of consciousness. Why did you come here? To grow through experience. Why can the journey be so hard? If everything was truth and love and light and delight, there would be little motivation to grow or change.

The awakening impulse thrives in a crisis. That’s when we rally together and help each other, when the differences that separated us evaporate in the heat of a shared challenge. None of us would wish suffering on others or ourselves but it seems that urgent crises are required to get our attention!

But note what John O’Donohue said in the opening quote: “The eternal makes you urgent.” He’s poetically describing the impact of this awakening impulse. When we feel it, we do know it as urgent, and more urgent than any catastrophe.

What could be more impactful than a life or death challenge? One thing only: The compelling invitation to deepen personal experience of the true nature of life itself. And that’s precisely what is available right now in every crisis, if we have the eyes to see it.

This confronts us with constant opportunities to choose and prioritize. Will we leverage the challenges we face – increasingly extreme as they are – to accommodate this awakening impulse and advance our personal transformation, thereby refining and strengthening our personal transmission? If we do, we are contributing to the awakening of others, because we are all connected in consciousness.

“Others” refers to more than just humans. We are all connected, beyond species type and even beyond time.

In truth, every room is crowded. If you are sufficiently attuned, you can sense the presence of other beings near you. Would you describe them as human beings who have died and gone on? Or, are you perceiving subtler levels of life in this multidimensional world that you are not as familiar with?

Our transmission persists beyond time as well. That’s part of what you are sensing, the eternal echo of lives past. When we awaken from the illusion of separation, when we perceive and acknowledge that ‘the emperor has no clothes,” we also awaken from the tyranny of linear time and emerge into a domain of eternal, joyful community without borders.

This describes the mass awakening of humanity. Our souls are coming alive together in the fire of planetary transformation.


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  1. Samudra Josepher
    Samudra Josepher says:

    These words are the deepest thoughts I have read on the status of the global community. Thank you Master Charles for this insight that goes beyond the political environment and into a humane perspective of our Oneness. Samudra


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