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News – Part 2 – Whose Responsible for What Happens in Your Life?

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

~ Edward R. Murrow

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It’s said that we get the government we deserve. These days, our leadership is hand delivered by mass media.

In modern society we are fixated on the external and that’s all the news covers. Of course, it should really be called the “olds,” not the news, because everything that’s reported on has already happened. And, what we’re given is always about the visible. Meanwhile, consciousness is expanding. Human transformation is occurring, but at a pace way too slow to hold public interest in our fast-paced media streams.

All forms of consciousness evolve; expansion is intrinsic to consciousness. And no one escapes the inevitability of evolutionary momentum. As Neale Donald Walsch reported in Conversations with God, even Hitler went to heaven. In other words, everyone grows through their experience. Everyone is doing the best they can, given their model of reality, and there is always growth. It may be slow, in fact personal transformation most often is, and with someone like Hitler it’s almost impossible to see or believe, but it’s happening. Unfortunately, with someone like him, a tremendous amount of damage is inflicted on others. But there are always hidden reasons, even for that tragedy.

What complicates things further relates to the Eastern model of karmic process and past lives. While it would be distracting to journey very far down that particular rabbit hole, it is worthwhile to note the law of cause and effect. None of us can consciously see the karmic load we are carrying, developed through our prior actions, nor understand how this is materializing in our present life cycle. In fact, what happens to us always relates to something we are working on, something we are needing to learn. We may be atoning for horrible things we did in the past or we may find horrible things being done to us, all in service to maintaining evolutionary momentum in our growth as a human.

Too bad that we can’t rewind the tape and make better decisions! But it is possible to review past mistakes, learn from them, and apply our new wisdom to similar situations that arise now. In other words, to do something new … and give ourselves a chance to achieve new results.

I often quote Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results. But to change our results requires more than changing what we do. What produced those actions? Why did we do what we did? Our mindset. So, we need to change our minds, the way we think, which will change our actions and contribute to different results in our lives.

Kid Begging

It sounds heartless to consider the least fortunate of us this way but it is the course of sanity to attribute full responsibility to each of us for the lives we are leading. Some people are starving. Why? Others find themselves in impossible, abusive relationships. Why? Meanwhile, others are born into luxury and privilege, they need never work a day in their lives. Why?

The simple answer is that we can’t know. The true story of our personal past remains veiled to us, including the implications of our past actions and how they have contributed to what’s happening in our lives today. But that doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge the principle – that everything we do produces “karma,” which we will need to pay off in the future through suffering and virtuous actions. A question we can answer, and must if we are to progress in this lifetime is, “What can I learn from the situation?”

This is hardly an attitude encouraged by mass media. The default setting employed in that arena is victimization. Random or calculated events occur, are reported on, and those involved are inevitably cast as victims or perpetrators. We spectators are encouraged to take sides, to blame, judge, and pity, completely ignoring the karmic aspects that contributed to why these individuals find themselves in the predicaments being reported on.

This perspective is not meant to shame or blame anyone, merely to illuminate a deeper truth about what’s going on. We’re all responsible for our own lives. That acknowledgement can instigate an attitudinal shift, it can fuel a new eagerness to explore the meaning of any moment, letting go of judgement to discover what we might learn and how we might grow.

Tree in hands

Those of us who adopt this mindset inevitably discover that whatever is happening in our lives, bleak or unfair as it may seem, is always the best opportunity possible to process past actions and grow, to learn the lessons that life serves up to us in every moment of this Earth School.


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