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Living in the Real World – Part 3 – Enlightenment is Real Now

The path to enlightenment is not long, it’s deep.

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As they say, “There’s a seeker born every moment.” But the search is over when we embrace our oneness with God and commit to deepening that experience.

In the last blog we wrote, “Here’s a declaration we might employ: “I am one with all life.” What comes up as you read those words? “Oh, not me, I’m not there yet?” Do you fear that if you accepted those words you would be arrogant and lying to yourself?

Let’s consider the alternative: “I am separate from all life.” Obviously, this is not true because if you were separate from all life, you’d be dead. Your heart is still beating, you’re able to read these words, probably strong enough to walk, you can talk, dream … you’re alive. So, in this state of aliveness, are you one with life or separate from life? What do you believe?

Obviously, as we just proved, believing that you are separate from life is false. In fact, if that belief could manifest fully as fact you would drop dead in that instant. So, can you accept that you are one with life, in fact, but that you are not yet consciously experiencing this, and that the surest sign you are not is your self-doubt?

Repeating our bold declaration, “I am one with all life,” what comes up for you now, a few moments after we began exploring the meaning of this? Probably, something has changed. You may feel slightly more inclined to believe this now. What caused the change? Inquiry. Asking questions. Exploring. But we did this from a place of acceptance, not asking to find an answer to give us something we didn’t already have but using questions to explore something we tentatively accepted could be true.

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Now, just imagine what changes when hesitation turns into confidence! Spiritual confidence is a powerful force. It’s what gurus and masters and teachers have. They radiate certainty, based in their acceptance of the fact that they are, right now, one with all life, and that they are using inquiry to deepen their own experience. The true master is never a finished product but a skilled navigator, asking questions to dive deeper and deeper into the reality of the moment.

Imagine being in a train station. Two trains are ready to depart, each on its own track. One is a train called Searching For Truth, the other is called Deepening My Experience of Truth. Which train will you ride? If you realize you’ve been on the wrong train, it’s not as simple as wishing you could be on the other. The train runs on tracks, even if they’re parallel. It’s moving. It would be dangerous to jump. Right?

If you’ve been on a train you know that they always have an emergency cord. This is for… emergencies. Anyone can pull it at any time and the train will stop. Applying this metaphor to our explorations, can you imagine yourself pulling the emergency cord in your life?

What would it take to motivate such an extreme action. Humans are legendary for denial and procrastination. Some people hack and cough for months but only quit smoking after a terminal diagnosis. How many people promise themselves to work out in the gym, stop eating cake, quit the job they hate, yet continue to suffer in their dishonesty with themselves for years?

Why would you switch trains? Why would you choose to accept that you are one with all life in this moment and proceed to deepen that experience, rather than continuing to seek as one who is not here and not whole and not enough? It’s a question that deserves a moment of serious contemplation.

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So, pause as you read these words now. Here’s the question again, edited for impact and presented as an actual proposal: “Will you accept that you are one with all life in this moment and dedicate the rest of your life to deepening this experience?”

Why would you say “Yes!” and follow through? Because you are being touched by the love of God right now, freely offered. You are experiencing the inherent lovingness of life, it’s nature, which is your nature, and you know – in this moment – that this feeling will haunt you for the remainder of your life unless you embrace it and choose to deepen it right now.

Enlightenment is real now.


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  1. stephen Lovejoy
    stephen Lovejoy says:

    Tears of joy. Rolling, cascading waves of gratitude for your presence and guidance in my life.
    I get it. I lose it. I absolutely, positively experience the Truth and Real-ness of these words.
    And sometimes, in a FLASH I am in my head, struggling so uncomfortably with fear, doubt & anxiety.
    And when that happens, in spite of my emotions, I KNOW these things to be true and am again and again
    blessed and SOOOOO grateful for Synchronicity, each and every one of you and the wonder of
    Master Charles.

    Thank you.


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