Class Two: The Role of the Master as Experienced Personally

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan and Synchronicity Faculty

In this class you will study the personal experiences of Synchronicity Community members, individuals who live in close proximity to Master Charles Cannon, a master spiritual teacher. Questions are welcomed, so that you can begin to apply this principle in your own life. Throughout this course you have been developing your own relationship with Master Charles Cannon, and he with you. What makes this effective in your life is learning how this dynamic relates to everyday circumstances and your many other relationships. Having this new “context” can facilitate a remarkable break through into ease and certainty and liberate your creativity so that the truth of who you are can blossom into fuller authenticity.

Application – Class Practice

The wakefulness application in this class is the Balance Position as created by Master Charles Cannon—the simultaneity of the two polarities of the relative field of experience.

ere are many ways of experiencing the two polarities. Examples include: 1) The two parts of the breath—the in-breath representing the interior polarity and the out-breath representing the exterior polarity. Equalization of the duration of the breath creates balance; and,  2) Words and spaces—the words representing the exterior polarity of form and the spaces representing the interior formless polarity.

Focusing on the spaces emphasizes the non-dominant polarity and creates balance. The Balance Position was revisited during the class for reinforcement of the experience to create balance in duration and the experience of holistic awareness expansion and blissful consciousness.

20 Minute High-Tech Meditation in the Theta Range

For best results use headphones while meditating with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation. You may also close your eyes instead of watching the video for an even deeper experience.