Class Three: The Role of the Master as Experienced Personally, Part Two

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan and the Synchronicity Faculty

The Synchronicity Faculty continues sharing their individual experiences in relationship with Master Charles Cannon.The Synchronicity faculty serve as moderator, summarizing the criteria that define the master spiritual teacher.

Application – Class Practice

The Balance Position was revisited in this class’s wakefulness application. The focus was, first, creation of balance and, second, maintenance of balance in duration with observation of the experience. The experience of balance in duration is expansion of holistic awareness, an increase in witness consciousness, self-opiation and the pleasure of the experience, delight, joy and happiness for no reason—all summed up as blissful consciousness.

The class focus was to bring awareness to balance in duration through the Balance Position in order to experience the innate nature of the consciousness that we are and all is—the experience of blissful consciousness.

20 Minute High-Tech Meditation in the Theta Range

For best results use headphones while meditating with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation. You may also close your eyes instead of watching the video for an even deeper experience.