Class One: The Criteria for the Authentic Master Spiritual Teacher

Presenter: Master Charles Cannon

The authentic master is honored in the East and virtually unknown in the West. Master Charles Cannon outlines the differences between authentic mastery and “intellectual enlightenment.” He explains the criteria of an authentic master spiritual teacher, outlines the traditional role the master plays as an evolutionary necessity for the student, and delineates how this phenomenon is successfully unfolding itself here in the West.

Application – Class Practice

In the first class, Master Charles instructed the viewer in a focus on balance through an understanding of the two relative polarities. His example was the simultaneous experience of the objective and subjective polarities of relative reality. He said, “Wakefulness is proportional to balance. If we open our awareness and include both polarities simultaneously, we create balance and are more wakeful. We are more present within our experience which is the happening of consciousness right here and now”.

Throughout his class dialogue he returned, again and again, to reinforce this principle of balance – to create and maintain balance in duration – thus experiencing expansion of holistic awareness, unification of the polarities, and the experience of our presence – the presence of blissful consciousness.

He said, “Be aware of the two polarities as all and everything. Be present and experience your presence. Be the blissful consciousness that you are and all is”

20 Minute High-Tech Meditation in the Theta Range

For best results use headphones while meditating with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation. You may also close your eyes instead of watching the video for an even deeper experience.