Course Seven: The Role of the Master 

The role of the spiritual master has been acknowledged throughout human history, especially in the East where enlightening consciousness, not amassing material wealth, is considered of ultimate value. By contrast, here in the West, we are authority phobic and the “master” as an actual context for life experience is entirely foreign. Our consciousness tends to be mired in what Master Charles Cannon refers to as “the material myth,” which we experience as egocentricity. This course delineates the role of the authentic master as an evolutionary necessity. You will learn how the master–disciple relationship works as holistic empowerment and why personal evolution in individuated consciousness necessitates this relationship.  This is a four-class course.

“We welcome you to this adventure in spiritual education.

The enlightening journey ahead will enrich your life and bless those you most care about,
as you continue awakening to your unique potential to express yourself with the power,
the love, and the genius that is already present within you, simply awaiting release.”

– Master Charles Cannon and the Synchronicity Faculty