NOW… The Technology

A new approach to holistic technology from a master spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon. Experience wakefulness and holistic presence as you never have before. Harness technology for the evolution of your consciousness with NOW…The Technology.

The new leading-edge soundtrack from Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Foundation.

What is NOW… The Technology

The truth is… that we are here and it is now. Yet, we lack the awareness to consistently experience it.

Great masters have always taught that the eternal now is peaceful, blissful and full of love.  It is the intoxicating high of life truthfully lived.  Such is but the self-delighting nature of true reality.

Human beings have spent years meditating in caves and sacred geometrical spaces to develop consistency in the eternal now experience.  This modern technology makes the experience effortless as it digitally encodes sacred geometrical frequencies of vibration into audio format for amplification.  Thus any environment can be transformed into a sacred space and deliver the eternal now experience.  With headphones… the experience is personally precise.

Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality have been pioneers in the creation and application of such technologies for over thirty years.  Their original audio format was called High-Tech Meditation and has been utilized by thousands worldwide.  This new soundtrack represents the leading-edge of their work.

Now… the Technology… can be utilized with all sound systems to transform any environment into a sacred space that effortlessly delivers the eternal now experience.  It can also be used with headphones for a personally focused experience… as well as it can be used without headphones on a player in your pocket.  Further… it does not even have to be heard.  Simply push play… put it in your pocket… and observe the experience that happens as your awareness multi-dimensionally expands and presence in the eternal now actualizes as the high of life truthfully lived.

You can also use this technology for meditation and meditate the modern way… with precision… relevant to the times in which we live.  This is modern spirituality in the digital age… harnessing technology for the evolution of consciousness.

We are pleased to share… Now… the Technology… from Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality.

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User Guide

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Sacred Spaces

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