March 2018 Issue

Conversations with Master Charles – Expect Miracles

Q&A Question 1 – “If gamma represents the ultimate in conscious awareness are we not getting even further away by practicing theta entrainment?” – Prem Nathenson

Q&A Question 2 – “I have been reading old copies of the Inner Network and also notes from a teleconference from 16/12/07 and I am struck by the teachings which seem light years ahead of their time.”- Phyl Graham

Q&A Question 3 – “Sometimes I can see light beings around people I am watching; I am curious to know why most of the time they stand on the left side of the persons?” – Caroline Musy

Q&A Question 4 – “If the birds sing with joy and all ya need is love, sex and consciousness, & since we are what we seek, how could it possibly get any better than this?” – Karon Dewey

Practical Applications – Wakefulness is True Reality ~Phil Duncan

Bliss Bits – Sage Advice ~ Shawn Conley