January 2018 Issue

Conversations with Master Charles Cannon:   The Default Dominance of Fear

Q&A Question 1 – “Will you please discuss the topic of predetermination? How much, if any, of our life experience is predetermined?” – Julie Cowley

Q&A Question 2 – “In our daily life, we have to pay bills or work which brings more dualistic perspective, so how can we apply a spiritual journey and live fully into the oneness?” – Matthieu Steimer

Q&A Question 3 – “I have a problem with my concept of time and I’m wondering if it’s something to do with meditation?” – Sue Hallett

Q&A Question 4 – “Would you please give your perspective on the #metoo movement that is sweeping around the world?” – Martin Thambert

Practical Applications – Accept the Moment ~Phil Duncan

Bliss Bits – Creativity Flows from a Quiet Mind ~ Shawn Conley