April 2018 Issue

Experience First… Concept Second

Q&A Question 1 -“I was wondering how the “downloading process” works for people with different psychiatric diagnoses.” – Martin Thambert

Q&A Question 2 – “How does one explain high tech meditation to people who have not had much or any experience with meditation.”- Jean Russell

Q&A Question 3 -“It is hard for me to reconcile our desire, or a desire, of the one consciousness to manifest specifically the brutality that humanity and other species experience in this world.” – Lezlee White

Q&A Question 4 – “If we live in simultaneous universes, how does it work in terms of our Soul? One Soul in different Universes?” – Caroline Musy

Practical Applications – Smile ~Phil Duncan

Bliss Bits – ‘God Mode’ ~ Shawn Conley