Class Six: Freeing Ourselves from the Prison of Our Data

The sixth class expands into a process of learning how to identify truthful versus illusory data within the stories you tell about who you are and what life is. Socrates’ driving principle is that almost everything you think you know is not true—it is simply not real. Thus, the reality you create is “virtual.” In other words you, and most everyone else, are living a dream.

In this class, Master Charles Cannon thoroughly delineates the mechanics of illusion and how the deliberate relinquishment of your illusory stories empowers your awakening journey. This leaves you with more truthful data about yourself and the world. Next, you examine that data to determine if it actually delivers the experience of blissful consciousness. If not, then it must be relinquished. Supplemented by powerful techniques of wakefulness, this class awakens you to the power of your own evolving wholeness as “an experience whose time has come.”

Application – Class Practice

The polarities of this class are words and spaces, a continuation of the previous class. Focus on spaces delivers positive polarity dominance and balance. As the balance position actualizes, our holistic awareness expands. We experience witnessing consciousness, our existence as presence. During his development of the exercise, Master Charles demonstrated slowing down in his presentation of the application, thus emphasizing the non-dominant space polarity. Words and spaces are simultaneously existing. Balance of the two through the Balance Position results in wakefulness and holistic awareness expands. We are here and it is now in the eternal now of true reality as one blissful consciousness. The consciousness that watches is the same consciousness as both polarities. There are words, spaces and the witnessing consciousness that watches itself as both polarities. Rather than identify with the words and their meanings—we just witness them.

The entire exercise also demonstrates the importance of experience over concept. A word, statement, thought or belief must deliver the experience of true reality in order to be truthful. If it does not, it is merely conceptual and not truthful. As an example, when the word “Now” actualizes the existential experience of consciousness in the here and now it is truthful concept. Unless it delivers the experience of conscious existence, blissful consciousness, here and now, it is not true, just an illusory term for space-time.

Thus, this application continues the experience of balance through practice of focusing techniques and adds the application of testing our stories and words for truthfulness versus illusory concept. It is essential that this class receive a second viewing. It is needed to assimilate the material and understand experience over concept.

20 Minute High-Tech Meditation in the Theta Range

For best results use headphones while meditating with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation. You may also close your eyes instead of watching the video for an even deeper experience.