Class One: The Mechanics of Meditation

Master Charles Cannon delineates the mechanics of meditation as a balancing technique. Balance is what determines your experience of wholeness and fulfillment. Meditation increases balance between the outer and the inner.  Therefore, meditators inevitably increase their experience of wholeness and fulfillment the moment they close their eyes. Meditation is experienced in this class via the audio tracks provided.  It is  also explained relative to the holistic model of reality and the mechanics of consciousness that were presented in course two.

Application – Class Practice

In his focus for this class, Master Charles invited us to be as wakeful as it is possible for us to be. Wakefulness is proportional to balance. He then instructed the class in the Balance Position – the awareness of the interior polarity simultaneous to the exterior polarity. The interior is still and quiet. The exterior is dynamic and noisy. We focus on the interior of our being – the quiet, still peaceful interior. Maintaining the Balance Position, our wakefulness increases. We are aware of the here and now happening of consciousness. Throughout his presentation, Master Charles returned the class again and again to the Balance Position, to the experience of wakefulness and the experience of true reality as one blissful consciousness.

20 Minute High-Tech Meditation in the Theta Range

For best results use headphones while meditating with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation. You may also close your eyes instead of watching the video for an even deeper experience.