Class Two: The Mechanics of the Synchronicity Socratic Process of Inquiry

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan

This class simplifies and clarifies the process of how illusion is dismantled and true reality constructed. In order for students to understand what may seem like an esoteric process, faculty share their own accounts of confronting illusory stories they have carried about themselves (a virtual reality) and how they were able to process them using the Socratic method.

Application – Class Practice

In this class, the focus was on balance through practice of the Balance Position, created by Master Charles Cannon. The technique acknowledges our primary focus as objective and calls our attention to the simultaneous subjective that is within each human being. Holding the two opposite polarities in simultaneity creates balance.

With balance in duration, our awareness expands and we find ourselves experiencing peacefulness, contentment and happiness. Watching these experiences grow, we notice the pleasure of opiation from our own neurochemicals, and bliss evolves into the experience of blissful consciousness (our innate nature as consciousness).

Throughout the class, attention was refocused on the Balance Position and substantiation of blissful consciousness.

20 Minute High-Tech Meditation in the Theta Range

For best results use headphones while meditating with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation. You may also close your eyes instead of watching the video for an even deeper experience.