Course 8: Technologies of Now

This course focuses on one feature of Modern Spirituality that entirely belongs to Master Charles Cannon—his openness to include technology for the consciousness that it is … and to utilize what it offers humanity in today’s world. The issue is the density of our world and the associated proliferation of distractions that create imbalance. Master Charles often says that the focus of modern spirituality, including modern meditation, is to learn to live with balance in an imbalanced world.

This was highlighted in Course Four—The Holistic Lifestyle—in which it was truthfully noted that in today’s world, meditation is not enough to achieve the balance necessary to actualize a truthful experience of reality … hence, the required focus on all dense dimensions—physical, emotion, and mental. Essential to the Holistic Lifestyle is incorporation of modern technologies of balance—Technologies of Now.

This Course is devoted to your better understanding Technologies of Now in your day to day life’s experience.

“We welcome you to this adventure in spiritual education.

The enlightening journey ahead will enrich your life and bless those you most care about,
as you continue awakening to your unique potential to express yourself with the power,
the love, and the genius that is already present within you, simply awaiting release.”

– Master Charles Cannon and the Synchronicity Faculty