Recording Core Dynamics Affirmations

Steps to Record Core Dynamics Affirmations:

1. Read Instructions for Recording Core Dynamics Affirmations
2. Choose Your Recording Device or Method
3. Record Your Affirmations Audio File
4. Email Your Affirmations Audio File

* During the eight phases of the Recognitions Program, holistic unifying affirmations were part of the meditation soundtracks. In the Core Dynamics Program, you will now create your own affirmations in order to address specific areas in your life in which you want to experience more balance and wholeness.

Instructions for Recording Your Personal Affirmations

In speaking your affirmations, you record not only the language content of your affirmation, but also your vibrational state of being in that moment. You want to create the experience of the affirmations as fully as you can while you are speaking them. Before you actually press the record button, speak them several times until you are in the experience of them. Then, start with the actual recording.

Speak every affirmation slowly, one beat per second. Breathe slowly in and out for two times before you speak your next affirmation. Continue recording for a total time of 25 minutes.

Choose Your Recording Device or Method

We have 3 options to record your Core Dynamics affirmations. Choose an option below for more detailed instructions.

Record Your Affirmations Audio File

Follow the instructions for recording your affirmations by selecting device above. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin venenatis, turpis id luctus blandit, ante ligula elementum quam, id molestie dolor enim ac nisl. Cras vestibulum imperdiet sapien vel rutrum. Phasellus euismod accumsan nisi, eu suscipit arcu eleifend nec.

Email Your Affirmations Audio File

Follow the instructions for emailing your affirmations audio file contained within the instructions for the device you chose.