Core Dynamics Program

Welcome to the Core Dynamics Program

The Core Dynamics program builds upon the momentum of the Recognitions program. Recognitions and Core Dynamics represent a comprehensive system of modern meditation created by Master Charles Cannon, a master spiritual teacher.

In completing the Recognitions Program, you have gained a foundation in Modern Spirituality.

You have also cleared much of the limiting data contained in the subtle energy field of your multi-dimensional consciousness and are experiencing expanded states of awareness. In order to continue the clearing and expansion to ever subtler, unified levels, it is now time to personalize your daily meditation. In the Recognitions Program, Phases One through Eight, you have used unifying affirmations that were subliminally embedded in your meditation soundtracks. The subliminal affirmations were created and spoken by Master Charles. In the Core Dynamics Program, you will create your own affirmations for your meditation soundtracks and can thus address specific areas of focus in your life.

The Core Dynamics Program Includes

The basis of the Core Dynamics program is daily meditation with Synchronicity technology. You have two thirty-minute High-Tech Meditation® Soundtracks for your daily sitting meditation and a third soundtrack for nighttime use that entrains subliminal life-affirmative statements while you sleep.

The two meditation soundtracks have the same names as in Recognitions (Transcendence and Tranquility). And … most importantly … Core Dynamics has delta brainwave entrainment technology throughout both soundtracks.

1. Transcendence is a musical soundtrack composed and performed by Master Charles Cannon.
2. Tranquility is an ocean-waves soundtrack.
3. Both soundtracks contain your personal spoken subliminal affirmations in the technology.
4. Quiescence is designed to be played continuously while you sleep for purpose of re-scripting unconscious data. This soundtrack includes the sound of ocean waves along with the same holistic subliminal affirmations that are on the Transcendence and Tranquility soundtracks. Quiescence does not contain meditation technology so that it does not interfere with your normal sleep pattern.